Body Egg

1 kgproduct contains homogenized egg-white of 33 pieces of eggs. It is produced without additives. Because of the five-layer plastic bowel it has to be used in 45 days. Package: 150 g, 250 g.


Our slogan: “As the nature built.”

The egg-white is one of the most perfect egg-white sources, which is rich in essential amino acids and a biological sterling product. According to the dry matter content: protein 89%, biological rate 94%, 238 kJ (56kcal)/100g energy content and 0% fat content.

It is a very anaboliticly effective protein source; the heat treatment neutralizes the biotin-tier effect.

According to opinions of trainers, it plays an important role in the regeneration of muscle after the trains for body-builders and sportsmen.

Product specification (EN):