Boiled, peeled egg in salty water

Boiled, peeled egg in lightly salted and sour liquor.

Sizes: “S”-“M”. It is produced in plastic bucket containing 60, 30 or 10 pieces, has to be used in 35 days, or in sachets containing 4 pieces, have to be used in 90 days.


The boiled egg, which has already been well-introduced in the gastronomy, is in trade in salty liquor. The product is made by eggs which are strictly controlled by the quality-providing. The heat treatment and the up-to-date packing provide maximal safety, and the storage on optimal temperature (0- +4°C) guarantee long tenability. It can be used every field which uses boiled egg in a traditional way: in subsidized meals, in buffet meals and in private household too. The product can be sliced well, the slices don’t flaw, and the yolk doesn’t turn in other colours. With the using of the egg you can avoid the costly egg disinfection, the work, energy and the time-consuming cooking and cleansing.

Product specification (EN):