1 kg product contains 22 pieces of homogenized, boiled eggs, egg-white and egg-yolk in it’s natural balance. As a result of gentle salting and treatment with food acid it has well-balanced taste. Because of the five-layer plastic bowel it has to be used in 35 days. Package: 500 g.


Primarily we offer it for producers of buffet meal products; it is perfectly used for egg sandwiches, egg salads, egg creams. It is an indispensible stock of receptions, garden parties’ junks; it a new product on the Hungarian market due to the breading and the flavouring with spices. It is an excellent appetizer with mayonnaise potatoes. It is dosed very well, sliced steadily, there’s no loss. The pasteurized stock, the proper heat treatment and the layered packing provides maximal microbiological clearness, long tenability. It needs refrigeration; it is stored between 0 – +4 °C, a home fridge is enough to provide this refrigeration chain. You don’t have to do for the setting and handling of the dangerous litter (egg shell), there’s no need to disinfection, cooking, cleaning.

Product specification (EN):