TELE-ERŐ Bone strengthening

Bone strengthening forage-accessory.

The TELI-ERŐ bone strengthening is economic forage-accessory developed by helping of vets. It optimally satisfies the needs of both the pregnant dogs and cats because of its content – egg shell powder -.

Due to its vitamin content it provides the suitable growing of the pet and the development of the glittering hair.

Package: partly pill-like (6 x 1,2 g), partly in a plastic box, weighting 1 kg or in sack, weighting 50 kg-s.


The product is recommended for dogs, which eat enough meat, so their phosphor level is ensured. Thanks to its content of natural protein it can be a plus source of important amino acids. Its easy dosage and simply preparing mean an advantage.

Using: from the 6th week mixed in the food of the pet.

Content: dried egg shell powder.

 Inner contents: calcium 325 g/kg, phosphor: 2,1 g/kg, raw protein: 6,6%, raw fat: 4%, raw ash: 80%, moisture: 3%. Besides these ingredients, it also contains vital macro- and micro elements (Sodium, Chromium, Magnesium, Calium, Mangan, Ferrum, Zink, Copper, Selen, Molibden, Fluor, etc.)



Weight of dog

Dosage (/day)

Little dog, cat (max. 10 kg-s)

1 mocha spouse0

Middle dog

½ tablespoon

Large dog

1 tablespoon