Fresh egg with disinfected shell

The special fertilising technology removes bacteria from the surface of the egg.  The effect of fertilising is guaranteed for 21 days. Package: 90 pieces with special nylon covering. We deal them in size M (53-63 g) and size L (63-73 g).


Fresh, “A” class, sorted, classified about size egg disinfected with useful, cold-fog technology. Because of the disinfection the bacteria can disappear but at the same time the defensive layer of the egg remains unscathed. The special nylon covering protects the product from the re-infection. The effect of the disinfection is guaranteed for 21 days in unhurt packing. The fresh egg with disinfected shell is able to be used with safety in every regular field. Because of the advantages of the product the user can avoid the creation of the personal and objective terms of the egg storage and the disinfection.

Product specification (EN):