TELE-ERŐ PLUS bone strengthening forage plus

The TELI-ERŐ bone strengthening is economic forage-accessory developed by helping of vets. It optimally satisfies the needs of calcium of both the pregnant and growing dogs and cats because of its content. Due to its vitamin content it provides the suitable growing of the pet and the development of the glittering hair.

The adequate proportion of calcium and phosphor helps the developing of the substantial, strong bone system and teeth of the pets which don’t eat flesh primarily.  Thanks to its content of natural protein it can be a plus source of important amino acids. Its easy dosage and simply preparing mean an advantage.

Package: partly pill-like (6 x 1,2 g), partly in a plastic box, weighting 1 kg.


Using: from the 6th week mixed in the food of the pet.

Contents: dried egg shell powder, calcium-phosphate.

 Inner contents: calcium 241 g/kg, phosphor: 116 g/kg, raw protein: 3,3%, raw fat: 2%, raw ash: 74%, moisture: 3%. Besides these ingredients, it also contains vital macro- and micro elements (Sodium, Chromium, Magnesium, Calium, Mangan, Ferrum, Zink, Copper, Selen, Molibden, Fluor, etc.)





Little dog, cat (maw. 10 kg-s)

1 mocha spouse / day

Middle dog

½ tablespoon / day

Large dog

1 tablespoon / day