TELE-FÉNY Vitamin and protein plus

The TELI-FÉNY is an economic forage-accessory developed by helping of vets. It increases the ability of breeding of brood-mares due to its big biological value of protein- and vitamin content. As for the pregnant pets, it helps the bone producing of the calves, provides the Vitamin A and D. It provides healthy, well-pigmented, glittering hair for the animals. It has a positive effect on the hair changing. It contains inevitable amino acid and lizin. Thanks to its content of natural protein it can be a plus source of important amino acids. Its easy dosage and simply preparing mean an advantage.

Package: in plastic box, weighting 500g.


Using: from the 6th week mixed in the food of the pet.

Contents: yeast, dried whole egg powder, dried egg shell powder.

Inner contents: calcium 53,5%, phosphor 10,5%, raw protein 44,0%, raw fat 15,6%, raw ash 18,8%, moisture 3%..




Little dog, cat (max. 10 kg-s)

1 tablespoon day

Middle dog

1 and ½ tablespoons / day

Large dog

2 tablespoons / day