1 kg product is containing the egg white of 60-70 pcs eggs. It is made of egg white, with addition of salt and vinegar. Its carbohydrate and salt content are both 0.4%. Its unopoened
package provides 30 days shelf life. It is produced in 100 and 600g packaging units.


Our motto is: “ToTu, nature made even more perfect”

Egg white is one of the most perfect protein recourse, which is rich in essential amino acids. It is a product with whole biological value. 95% of its dry matter is protein. Although Totu doesn’t contain milk origin substance, it has a cottage cheese-like flavour. It is a versatile product and it can be used easily in many aspects of making healthy foods. Bodybuilders are eating it for its high protein content. Those who are for milk or dairy products, or who are on Paleolit diet can use it instead of cottage cheese. The energy content is 330 kJ (78 kcal) / 100 g, while the fat content is 0%.

Product specification (EN):