Spec 11 pasteurized whole egg liquid

Special product, recommended for use in restaurants, canteens and hotels. Has a pleasant taste no need for further salting. Omelette made of this product (with proper storing) stays fresh for a couple of hours. In 1 kg box it has to be used in 10 days. The product doesn’t contain preservatives.


The Spec’11 whole egg liquid can be perfectly used for producing omelettes, crumbed foods, pastes, mayonnaises, pancakes, soups, sauces. The product is a modern stock of the gastronomy, what is suitable for immediate using in an oven-ready way. The special producing of the Spec 11 provides that the omelette won’t drop after the preparing, and preserves its shape, consistence and colour in hot-preserving pot for hours. Its taste is pleasant, doesn’t need extra salt. It needs refrigeration; it is stored between 0 – +4 °C, a home fridge is enough to provide this refrigeration chain. It has to be used in 24 hours after opening.

Product specification (EN):