Whole egg powder

1 kgwhole egg powder contains the dry material of approximately 89 pieces of eggs produced by diffuser drying. Add 3 units of drinkable water to 1 unit of powder, mix it gently. Package is 20 kg and 5 kg coated with polyethylene, packed in paper bags. You can use it until 24 months.


The Whole egg powder can be economically used for making of dry paste, pastes, baker’s ware, mayonnaise, omelettes, pancakes, soups, sauces, confectionery products, sweets and conserves. As a consequence of the human drying the re-attenuated products’ physical and chemical attributes are almost the same as its of the fresh egg. If you use Whole egg powder, you don’t need egg storage, cooling cell, you only need a room which can provide cool, dry and protected by sunshine. Due to the long quantity preserving time you don’t have to plan the stock needs, we can fulfil your immediate orders accurately.

Product specification (EN):